Altering Appearance With Highlight and Contour


Altering Appearance With Highlight and Contour pretty woman profile Pixabay image
This beauty’s features are nicely balanced with her perfect profile.


Most of the time, we concentrate on a front view of our face when analyzing our features.  However, you might want to think about what your face looks like to others when you turn your head to the side. Unless you feel that you have a perfectly portioned face where if you cut it in thirds would measure the same distance from your forehead to your eyebrows, eyebrows to the tip of your nose as well as from your nose to the chin, then congratulations, heredity was good to you.  You do not need help in altering your appearance.   On the other hand, if this rule does not apply to you, you may want to make some corrections to improve your appearance with a little artful use of makeup.

Grab a hand mirror and take it with you to where you can examine yourself in front of a larger mirror such as your vanity or bathroom.  Notice the entire curve of your profile.  One that seems to angle inward from the top of your head, rounding as it approaches your nose, curving away to jut out away from the chin is considered concave.

To better balance a concave profile, I suggest try contouring your forehead and cheek area. This will cast shadows that will make those areas from standing out.

On the other hand, you may have the opposite problem.  If you notice your face from the side seems to curve outward from the top of your head around your nose and chin, then you have a convex profile.

The challenge here is to adjust the slope of your forehead and chin for better balance.  Highlighting the forehead and chin will make the profile more pleasing to the eye.

For more help with highlighting and contouring to minimize your facial problems, check out my earlier post on how to give yourself an instant nose job and another for concealing serious under eye darkness.

I do hope that you give these makeup tips that I just shared with you a chance because they do make a difference.


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