How You Remove Eye Makeup Matters to Delay Aging

How You Remove Eye Makeup Matters to Delay Aging woman with lots of eye makeup to remove
This radiant beauty’s smile reveals her joy of discovering this simple technique.


Most of us don’t give much thought to procedure when it comes to eye makeup removal. After all, what is there left to do when you have but to load a cotton ball or pad with your eye makeup remover or oil-based one for waterproof products and start rubbing?  However, this is a big mistake if you intend to keep your eye area looking young for as long as possible.

Since the skin around the eyes is extremely thin compared to the rest of our face, extra gentleness is called for the safest eye makeup removal.  Using too much pressure or swiping randomly trying to dislodge eye makeup can take a toll in time. Instead, your eyes would benefit more if you remembered to use the technique that I’m about to share.

After moistening your cotton ball or pad with your eye makeup remover, close your eyes and very softly press the ball or pad against your lid.  This will start lifting some of those eye products, then gently move it down over the lashes before working inward toward the inner corners of your eyes.

Depending on the brand of makeup remover and the amount of cosmetics that you have on, you may need another loaded cotton ball or pad to deal with any remaining makeup.  If so, repeat using the “press” and “pat” method. What you need to keep foremost in mind is avoiding being too rough in the eye area. If you practice this technique of eye makeup removal, your eyes have a better chance to avoid tugging that fragile skin and eventual wrinkling.

Sometimes, in our hurry to remove makeup, we can forget how delicate that skin is and accidentally stretch or tug because you may be tired or short of time.  Nonetheless, remember this little eye makeup removal tip because it can save your beautiful eyes and keep them from aging more than they need too!



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