Mineral Fusion Dry Shampoo Review


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Mineral Fusion Dry Shampoos


Nothing beats washing your hair the old-fashioned way with shampoo and water for that ultimate clean feeling.  However, life is unpredictable.  For those occasions when you can’t get your head to a sink because of illness or a busy schedule, a dry shampoo like the new ones from vegan brand, Mineral Fusion can really come in handy.

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Their new dry shampoo line that PR sent are available for medium to dark hair like mine with a tint to it and a light shade formula for $12.99.  Like all Mineral Fusion products, you have no need to fear sulfates, glutens or parabens in these dry shampoos.

What you can expect is a weightless powder that you spray from an aerosol-free pump that comes out as a fine, tinted mist.  How it cleans is unique with kaolin clay for dealing with oil and vegetarian keratin, olive and lavender for shine and fluffing it back with volume.

After targeting my roots with the spray and working this dry shampoo through my hair with my hands, I was surprised at how well it freshened up my hair.  My advice is to check Mineral Fusion Dry Shampoo out at their website or Whole Foods.



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