My DIY Coconut Oil Hair Conditioner-Strengthener Is What Dry Hair Cries Out for


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Besides ample moisturizing power,  the coconut excels at penetrating hair follicles to revive and strengthen.


It has been a while since I was in my kitchen concocting a recipe to treat my skin or hair.  However, I have another wonderful solution to revive the look and that brittle feel of dry hair that moisturizes sensationally well for hair due to its coconut oil with my DIY Coconut Oil Hair Conditioner-Strengthener.

What makes coconut oil especially equipped to repair dryness as well as strengthen is due to its abundance of fatty acids, vitamin E and lauric acid, which are also unique in their exceptional ability to penetrate the hair follicle. Honey is another helpful ingredient, being a humectant to draw in additional moisture from the air to boost the softening effect even more.  Last all, I use a few drops of geranium essential oil for giving hair additional strength.

My DIY Coconut Oil Hair Conditioner-Strengthener 

1/4 cup of coconut oil
2 tablespoons of honey
5 drops of geranium essential oil

Coconut oil has a tendency to harden, but it will start to melt during hot weather at room temperature if you leave it out.  It starts changing consistency at 76 degrees.  Though you might be tempted to speed up the process and pop some in the microwave, this will ruin its benefits and performance.  Instead, just inserting your measuring cup with the amount in a bowl of warm water will do the trick.

Once the coconut oil melts, you mix the honey and geranium essential oil together.

Apply to damp hair, massage through to the scalp and ends as best as you can before wrapping your hair in plastic wrap followed by a towel.

Try to keep this recipe on for at an hour before shampooing.  If you have time to keep it on longer without worrying about being seen in a towel turban, this is even better.

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