Rimmel Good to Glow Color Highlighter Line Review + Swatches

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Rimmel Good to Glow Color Highlighter Line.jpeg
Rimmel Good to Glow Color Highlighter Line

In the quest to look younger or wake up a dull complexion, illuminators can help with that goal.  Products like Rimmel London’s Good to Glow Color Highlighters that I sampled lately do add that touch of instant radiance to get skin beaming.  

These liquid illuminator/highlighters come in 001 Notting Hill Glow (pink-white), 002 Piccadilly Glow (coral) and 003 Soho Glow (golden tan).  They all are shimmery with the exception of 001 Notting Hill Glow, which has more obvious, larger sparkles.  It also has a whitish cast that seems to dominate the pink once it is applied that was a bit over the top for me.  

swatches of Rimmel Good to Glow Color Highlighter Line.jpeg
Starting on the left is 001 Notting Hill Glow, 002 Piccadilly Glow and ending with 003 Soho Glow on the right.

The texture is too not thick or too thin, but a wonderful one that comes out easily that you can build up, being sheer or play upon to mix with your foundation like with my favorite one, 003 Soho Glow for more facial radiance or use alone.

Furthermore, these highlighters wear quite well.  I don’t know how true this will be for someone with oily skin since mine is dry, but this product held its own until I took it off later in the day.

The next time you shop for Rimmel products check out their Good to Glow Color Highlighters.    


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