Some Instant Ways to Erase Time for Face Antiaging

Some Instant Ways to Erase Face Antiaging Woman in Disguise
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Though we hate to admit it, we all age.  Some are more fortunate to maintain their youthful visage longer than others, but sooner or later seeing changes in the mirror is unavoidable.  You don’t need to panic when you see your first crease or gray hair.  Instead, I have some great face antiaging tips that can quickly erase time from your face.

Exfoliation Can Help Erase Time for Face Antiaging

You might want to start with your skin if you intend to eradicate face antiaging.  Exfoliation is critical for both the face and body to remove dead cells that dull the complexion in order to stimulate a fresh rebirth of collagen production.  My only advice is not to get carried away and overdo with scrubs, anti-aging creams or peels because you can damage the skin. The skin needs time to recover.  Once or twice a week for scrubs and a peel is more than enough.

As to the subject of facial peels, these are wonderful for deep cleaning all the accumulated makeup that may still be sitting in your pores.  Ingredients like silicones (sand-based) may give a foundation, primer, moisturizer, or serum added softness and smoothness with the extra moisture in the product’s texture, but there is also a downside because this type of ingredient is not the easiest to remove with just soap and water or a cleanser.  Silicones can stay trapped within the pores along with dirt and build up more after every use if you don’t take steps to remove it.  Therefore, thorough makeup removal and a weekly scrub or facial peel is essential if you hope to erase time from your face.

Lips are another area that you might be concerned with. Besides keeping them perpetually smooth with regular exfoliation and moisturizing, they tend to thin more over time.  A lip plumping product with peptides or grape seed polyphenols may help build your lips more.

Hair Changes That Can Erase Time From Your Face

As we age, our hair follicles don’t manufacture as much melanin, the pigment for keeping the color, as it once did. Therefore, a haircoloring is a must to refresh your beauty if you are striving to erase time from your face.

You may notice that your hair is not as lush and thick as earlier.  Hair color also will help add volume as it coats the hair shaft from expansion of the cuticle layer.  Adding a bit more hair to your style also helps give a face more youthful vigor.

Even if you don’t want or need to color your hair, keeping your hair glossy and riveting with a shine will chop off some years from your face as well.  After all, the younger that you are, the shinier the hair will naturally be.

Exercise Has Benefits That Also Can Extend to Erase Time From Your Face

Exercise of any kind should be on your anti-aging to do list.  We all know it’s wonderful for reshaping the body and its health benefits, but if done regularly it increases circulation as it builds up your metabolic rate to speed up collagen and elastin production.

For those cringing at the thought of all that physical exertion a workout may put you through, yoga is another way to go.  Yoga positions like bending the head forward or doing a headstand, which also increases blood flow to skin tissues, can help stimulate collagen development also so this might suit you more.

One last piece of advice, smile more.  Don’t just smile with your lips, but do it with your eyes because a genuine sparkle surfaces once you do.  Letting your inner warmth show through can light up a face and heart so you look younger and more approachable.

I encourage you to read two of my earlier posts with some great makeup tricks for looking younger and more anti-aging beauty secrets from keeping your face from revealing your age.  Hopefully, what you learned here will help erase time from your face to keep your beauty flourishing!


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