Why How You Wash Your Face Matters for Better Skin

Why How You Wash Your Face Matters for Better Skin Woman
This beauty doesn’t have to hide her face now that she knows this skin saving tip!


Though you go through all the motions of cleansing your face properly, if your complexion keeps breaking out, the reason could be more than just diet, hormones, stress, or workouts. The method of how you wash your face matters and can contribute to complexion problems if done incorrectly.

Despite how tired you may be, it is important to always remove all makeup before calling it a day. Use a makeup remover to make sure that you don’t allow any pore clogging residue to remind behind. Soap alone is not enough to lift some of the chemicals in our makeup. You might even want to cleanse next with a soap or water-rinsing facial cleanser afterwards.

Some people have the assumption that hot water or washing the face frequently is the best way to deal with oily skin. However, this is a skin care mistake that can backfire. You could end up irritating the skin or overstimulating the oil glands to make your complexion shine more.

Fingers are not the best tools when it comes to cleansing. Despite how well you wash your hands first, the nails can harbor bacteria that you may not see. If trusting them to do the job, you could be introducing fresh bacteria, aggravating any skin problem.

A better solution is using a fresh washcloth or a cotton square and gently exfoliating instead of using your hands each time you cleanse. This can help lessen the risk on piling on bacteria so your complexion may stand a better fighting chance.

The amount of pressure that you exert whether with your hands or using a brush can stretch skin if done often enough. You don’t want to be too rough and encourage wrinkles to develop.

Correcting bad face washing habits can be all it takes to gain a great complexion.  This is why how you wash your face matters when it comes to the best facial skin possible.


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