Summer Pedicure Colors Matter As Much As Shoes


Shoes Illustrating Summer Pedicure Colors Matter As Much As Shoes
Every step you take will look better once you take this advice to heart.


Summer is the time to dive into fresh nail colors and take the plunge into brighter shades of wild pinks, vibrant oranges, blazing reds to ocean colors from deep navy, cobalt and indigo blues to cool turquoises and classy, pale neutrals in creams to metallics.  Though you may be tempted to just pick out a tempting color to adorn your feet and start painting, you really would be better off considering what shoes that you’ll be wearing first before committing to that color.  What I’m about to share on matching the ideal summer pedicure colors to work with shoe styles can help keep your feet always looking sensational.

Consider Shoe Style Before Committing to Summer Pedicure Colors

Now that it is the sandal season, this pedicure tip about the best summer pedicure colors to show off your exposed feet is especially important if you want to have effortless style. The right polish suited to the shoe compliments the feet like a glam upgrade instead of distracting, which can make all the difference for amazing onlookers dazzled by your gorgeous feet.

A heavily embellished sandal already has a lot going on so you don’t want to overdo with too strong or too vibrant a pedicure color. If the design has metalwork, avoid metallic polishes, otherwise, you may risk your toes from looking like offshoots of the shoe itself when considering summer pedicure colors.  An easy rule to remember is the more embellished, the more reason for a neutral color on your toes.

Keep this tip on summer pedicure colors in mind for the best foot beauty to keep you sizzling hot this season.  For more valuable pedicure tips, I have a few posts that you may want to read.  The first post of pedicure tips involves home pedicures that can keep your feet healthy and looking their best.  The second post is about what you need to look out for when getting a professional salon manicure or pedicure.


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  1. Harris
    August 10, 2016 / 2:41 pm

    It is interesting to think of matching the pedicure color to complement the shoes. Neutrals always work well and are versatile.

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