A Few More Easy Ways to Look Younger


Ways to Look Younger Older woman looking younger
This beauty can smile with confidence for what she learned for keeping the years away!


Aging is a natural part of life, but just because it happens doesn’t mean we need to settle for looking our true ages.  I already shared some quick ways to turn back the clock and another post with more anti-aging beauty secrets with you in earlier posts.  However, here are a few more suggestions that can help make you look younger.

The more that your face starts to give your age away, the more that you should think of lightening your hair color.  Your aim should be one or two shades lighter than the hair color that you were born for looking the most natural.  This easy to wear color change will soften your face and better distract attention from lines and creases.

Another thought on hair, perhaps, may be changing your style.  Hair that is too long can drag down a face. On the other hand, hair that is too short can also have eyes focusing upward more than you would like. Instead, a helpful alternative might be adopting a length that is neither too short nor long with some gentle layering to frame the face.

You don’t need layers all through your hair, but enough to keep the style a bit messy over smooth and perfect can definitely help your cause as well.  Doing so, diverts eyes from falling directly on the lines and furrows of your face in favor of your hair.

Consider trying bangs if you have a problem with wrinkles on the forehead. You don’t need to go with a heavy fringe.  Try a side bang with some sheer bangs or a wispy, choppy bang can have the same beautiful effect for erasing years from that giveaway forehead.

Exfoliation is another of the ways to look younger.  It is as important as the skin care products that you apply daily in your regime.  Be  sure to use a peel twice a month helps renew the complexion by stimulating cell turnover.

If you have a problem with foundation settling in lines, you might want to lighten up your makeup coverage. A tinted moisturizer with SPF can be a wonderful choice for coverage, glow and protection.  Do also read my earlier post with other anti-aging makeup tricks.

Too highly arched brows on an older face can look too severe.  Therefore, you may want to subdue the height of the arch to give your face the softness if needs.

My advice is by learning to embrace the lines and creases that come with age, and the more years you can curb from the appearance of your face!



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