How to Create More Eye Socket to Enlarge Small Eyes

How to Create More of an Eye Socket Women With Small Eyes
You find it is easier than you think to recreate the dimensions of your eye area.


We all have different beauty issues to deal with.  However, if you are not satisfied with the look of your eyes because you feel that your eyelids are too small, then cheer up because there is an easy fix for changing their dimensions and enlarge small eyes.  What I am going to show you will create the illusion of more depth in the eye socket area instead of being so hidden.

You may find it helpful to shape your eyebrows first.  Give them a gentle arch, remove straggly hairs and fill in what you need to with brow powder, brow gel or a pencil to give the brows a clean look, which is important for framing the eyes.  This is the first step that can help enlarge small eyes.

Next, you’re going to need to pull out your hoard of eye shadows and work with color that also help change the eyes dimensions and enlarge small eyes. Pick out a matte champagne or bisque highlight color and a matte medium brown shade, preferably with some warmth in the color.  The reason that I like to use warm browns over cool ones is that the red tones are found more often in skin tones.

Start by applying the highlight to your whole eyelid area.  Once you are satisfied, glance at yourself in the mirror.  You’re not going to define your eye socket with a medium color of eye shadow in the same spot as you may have done before.  Instead, keep looking at your eyes and that natural line of your socket, but this time I want you to take your eye shadow brush and dust some of that darker shadow slightly above it.   This slight change of placement with that particular color choice for making a new eyelid crease is the secret trick to lengthen the dimensions of the eye to enlarge small eyes.

To do your eyes justice, you are going to need your small angled brush for artful blending because what you’re going to do is to start at the far corner of the eye and draw a line from your new crease to the lashes just below the arch.  Now that you have your line placed, carefully start blending the V-shaped corner between the crease and the lash area.

However, you are not finished.  Find your smallest brush and use it to carry some of that brown to your lower lashes as well.  By extending some of that brown shadow beneath to rim your eyes in this way, you’ll find helps further work that new crease, giving the impression of more lift to the eyes.

Once you reset your natural eye socket, define your eyes more with a darker crease color and shimmery highlight, eyeliner and mascara.  A nude eyeliner pencil to line your eye’s waterline also can help open up the eyes for an added boost.

You will be surprised at your stunning transformation and how ridiculously easy it was simply by contouring a new socket!  Try these few simple makeup tips to enlarge small eyes and I promise you standout eyes in return.


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