AbCollar Neck Stabilizing Device for Strengthening Muscles and Safer Workouts


AbCollar neck stabilizing device
AbCollar is an easy, but effective device to keep your body from injury.


Sometimes, we start an exercise regime without realizing the strain that we may be putting our bodies through unless you have a personal trainer watching your every move.  You could put too much pressure accidentally on the wrong muscles to slow down your progress or worse suffer real injury to your body. However, there is the AbCollar neck stabilizing device that can help make your workout safer and your efforts exercising more effective by working the muscles harder.

modeling AbCollar Neck Stabilizing Device
The AbCollar is weightless when wearing this neck stabilizing device.


The AbCollar is a neck strap and cushion with a contoured shape that stabilizes the neck to keep it in neutral alignment with the spine.  This means when doing abdominal exercises that you’ll get more help developing deep abdominal muscles by stimulating internal core muscles while reducing muscle strain on the splenius capitis (back of neck) and the sternocleidomastoid (front of the neck).

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Besides helping maximize an abdominal workout since it keeps the correct distance between the chest and chin, you can also attach the AbCollar to inner thighs when performing leg exercises.  This neck stabilizing device works on the same principle to keep balance and control while strengthening the proper muscles.

Those in need of physical therapy would also find the AbCollar a useful device for assisting with mobility, core strength, neuromuscular disorders through their prescribed exercises and daily recovery for speedier results.  This neck stabilizing device can provide neutral alignment to prevent the wearer from straining their neck through the process or through disability exercises.

This neck stabilizing device can also be of value to prevent the pain that bad posture can bring when the head is bent for extended periods on the computer or playing video games, reading or even watching television.  Wearing the AbCollar can help train a person into changing a wrong position into a better one that won’t cause suffering.

If you had neck surgery, the AbCollar can help hold the head up for the beneficial support you need without stress to your other muscles.

Still, there is more that the AbCollar can do from helping prepare for pregnancy and labor by working the transverse muscles and pelvic muscles or to use when doing kegel exercises.

I was surprised at attaching this device could force me into moving in a more productive way when I tried some sit-ups. Now I’m finding it easier to find the right position without pulling the wrong muscles like I sometimes used to do.

If you are trying to get in shape or are recovering and want to avoid injury, try the AbCollar because it will protect and keep you on track through your workout or the healing process.  I know that I plan to keep on using mine.

Learn more about AbCollar at the company’s website or purchase online at Amazon or You can also connect with AbCollar on Facebook or Twitter, but check them out because you’ll be glad that you did!



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