How to Best Safeguard Your Skin Care Products


How to Best Safeguard Your Skin Care Products Cotton Swabs to Safeguard Your skin Care
You may want to stock up on cotton swabs after you read this!


With the amount of money that we invest in our skin care regimes, we want to make sure the formulas of those pricey products don’t break down prematurely.  Therefore, I am going to show you a few tricks to safeguard your products to better protect them in the healthiest state possible so you can keep on using them safely.

Once you open a jar of skin cream, you are introducing the product to bacteria from the air and then your fingers when you apply.  If you want to minimize contamination and safeguard your skin care products, then I suggest skip dipping your fingers in.   Instead, load up a pretty container with a package of cotton swabs to keep on your vanity for this purpose. Using a fresh cotton swab is far more sanitary than fingers for keeping your skin care products germ-free.

Another thing that I like to do is refrigerate my products, especially during the heat of summer.  Just remember that the hotter it is, the faster those formulations can deteriorate.  This is especially true for water-based products.  Thus, the best way to safeguard  your skin care and those creams, lotions or serums is to keep them cold for sustaining the life of the product.

By making these two simple changes to how you apply and store your skin care, you will improve its shelf-life and the beauty of your complexion with less chance of using any tainted products!




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