How to Get More From Moisturizers Regardless of Complexion Type

How to Get More From Moisturizers Regardless of Complexion Type smiling businesswoman with perfect skin
You’ll be smiling too once you tweak your moisturizing routine and power it up.


Every complexion has special needs if you want it to look its best.  Therefore, you want to keep your skin happy by moisturizing it with a plan suited to your individual complexion type instead of just slathering on a product or a method that could be delaying beautiful results.  What I’m about to show will help you get more from moisturizers for the best skin benefits.

If you have a dry complexion like mine, you’ll boost the power of your moisturizer before you apply by simply leaving your freshly washed face slightly damp or giving it a light spray with rosewater first. Once you do this, you will be allowing the moisturizer to lock the water into the skin far better than you may imagine for superior hydration.

On the opposite note, an oily complexion should stick to oil-free moisturizers.  If you don’t see oil-free on the label or package, a clue to look for to determine suitability is by making sure water is the first one in the list of ingredients.  You also want to avoid rich emollient ingredients that can clog those overly active pores to make your skin worse.  Avoid ones such as cocoa butter, sesame oil or oleic acid when reading labels for new skin care products.

Sensitive skin can be finicky.  The way around tackling this problem is to look for a moisturizer with as few ingredients as possible.  When you cut down the number of ingredients that can possibly trigger an irritating reaction, the better the chances of keeping your complexion calm, but nourished with moisture.

Those that have combination skin need to buy two types of moisturizers, one for dry or normal skin for their dry areas and another moisturizer geared for an oily complexion to handle that greasier T-zone.

Believe it or not, you will witness more real change and get so much more out of those moisturizers if you just remember what you learned here today!



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