Naturally Betsy Healthier Body Care Review


Naturally Betsy trio of products
Naturally Betsy can be the green answer to what you’re looking for.


We live in a world full of wonderful technology and scientific advancements far superior to what our ancestors ever had.  Nonetheless, we also pay a price to our environment  and risk our health as a result from the aftereffects of chemicals.  Though you can’t change the times, you can change how you treat your body with safer, green products for beauty, wellness and the home like what you can find at Naturally Betsy.

Today, I want to tell you about three of their natural products that I had a chance to try out.  The first is “Be Fresh” Cream Deodorant in Sensitive Lavender.  Once you open the jar, a glorious aroma of lavender is released.  Yet, this is no cream perfume but a deodorant that spread nicely and managed to keep me feeling fresh even through this summer heat.  I had expected to wilt after a few hours since this is after all just deodorant and not an antiperspirant, but did surprisingly well.  The only thing that I didn’t care for was getting my fingers in there for application over the ease of rolling on a stick.

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For pain management, I was curious how well their Claude’s Calm Balm would work for sore muscles and joints, nerve pain such as sciatica, menstrual cramps, bruising and swelling.  I chose the Original Formula, but there are five other varieties and scents to choose from.  The Original doesn’t really have a distinct scent, but a faint, pleasing one. This product uses 100% organic ingredients without any fillers for the deepest penetration to deliver its relief thanks to CBD oil.

If you don’t know what CBD oil is, it is cannabidiol and derived from the active medicinal powers of the hemp plant.  Whether you have arthritis, a bad back, sore neck, foot or heel pain, pain from tendonitis and varicose veins too over exerting your body, after you rub a little of this stuff on and wait a few minutes, the pain does seem to lift.

My mother also tried this on her knee and sore ankles.  She came up with the same conclusion that the pain seemed to subside a longer time than some other herbal or commercial pain rubs.  Furthermore, there is no offensive smell that can irritate sensitive nostrils but a pleasant one to look forward to.  Our cat used to squint from the fumes of some of the commercial rubs when in the same room with her when applying, which will not happen with this degree of scent.

Finally, I sampled a bottle of their Sweet Dreams Pillow and Linen Spray, lavender-infused solution for bettering your chances of drifting off to sleep.  This is a gentle aroma that you’ll want to spritz your pillowcase several times to best appreciate it.

All Naturally Betsy products are also free of dyes, preservatives and synthetic fragrances.  Besides, beauty and wellness products, Naturally Betsy also offers household products, which I plan on checking out as well.  To learn more or order, visit the company’s website because  healthier solutions for your body and home await you.


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