ODIN New York 12 Lacha Eau de Parfum–The New Unisex Luxury Fragrance You Need to Try

ODIN New York 12 Lacha Eau de Parfum
Prepare to journey to remote corners of the world to recapture the beauty of another time and place as only ODIN 12 Lacha can do.

When I was asked if I would be interested in working with fragrances from ODIN New York, I couldn’t resist plunging into new, uncharted fragrance territory with the cult-followed menswear brand and one of the newest additions to their FiFi Award-winning Black Line.  Yet, how does one describe such a complicated blend of woods and spices that make up 12 Lacha to illustrate its unique beauty as this unisex fragrance deserves?

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From its opening, you are immediately lured into its rich opulence of colorful India as it takes your senses by storm with lacha saffron, black pepper and sweet nutmeg notes.  The powerful effect is heady and nearly intoxicating in the deep hold it exerts.

You don’t know exactly what  to make of it until you get a chance to savor the heart with its exotic sandalwood due to the suede accord and spicy carnation notes that give it that mysterious, dark edge that though forbidden keeps enticing you further.

Helpless as you find yourself, you are almost consumed by where 12 Lacha leads you as it continues to develop. Despite the risk, you allow yourself to revel in its inviting, sexy sweetness in the base without concern as those sinfully irresistible notes of leather and patchouli guide you there.  Softly those notes beckon, hiding behind the cover of darkness, seducing you until falling victim to its fatal, foreign charm.

As to 12 Lacha’s longevity, I must say this earthy eau de parfum, fitting with its fiery warmth for Fall 2016, can keep your senses riveted to your wrist or wherever you apply for hours.  Take it from this perfumista, ODIN New York’s 12 Lacha ($165) is worth checking out just as much as the rest of their Black Line for how this luxury fragrance helps you experience another culture and time in a rare global journey that awakens and rocks your senses.  Find it at Barneys New York and the ODIN New York website, but find it if you want to stand out from the crowd.



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