Sensitive Eyes Makeup Shopping Tips

Sensitive Eyes Makeup
You might be surprised that colors and textures matter for safeguarding your eyes as much as they do for beautifying them.


Having allergies or an eye condition can make your eyes more sensitive than others with tearing, itching or redness.  If your eyes are prone to easily irritating like mine, then let me share some helpful advice when shopping for new eye cosmetics.

Try to avoid ingredients that often trigger a reaction.  Perfumes, parabens, and certain FD & C colors, chemicals, and preservatives, especially ones releasing formaldehyde are known to irritate some people more than others.  However, this does not mean that your eyes are totally safe if you stick with ones labeled hypoallergenic or turn to mineral makeup.

You can react to any product or cosmetic ingredient at anytime without warning. Mica, for one, is a common light reflecting ingredient in mineral makeup that can cause irritation to some just as bismuth oxychloride might.

To limit your potential risk, you might switch from shimmering formulas and glitter textures of eye shadows in favor of matte shadows.  The least likely colors to irritate are shades of light brown.

Unlike eye shadow powers, cream forms of eye shadow can save your eyes from any powder that may fall during application.  Just going with another form of eye shadow can be the simple fix to end your misery.

Though you may love to emphasize your eyes with liquid eyeliners, you might want to go with eyeliner pencils or crayons since the liquids often have latex in their formulas, which can spell trouble for sensitive eyes.

Color is also important when selecting a safe bet for mascara.  Black is the least likely color to irritate sensitive eyes.  Instead of waterproof mascara or a formula with fibers, you might be better off with a water-resistant formula that will wash off with soap and water and skipping the fibers that may flake off.

You might want to read my earlier post on changing eye shadow technique when using dry powder formulas to be of help.

Irritated, red, or itchy eyes are hardly fun or beautiful.  Hopefully, these sensitive eyes makeup tips will help keep your eyes bright and reflecting nothing but your inner beauty.



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