Try This Sure Bet Puffy Eyes Fix

Try This Sure Bet Puffy Eyes Fix Cucumbers for the Fix
You may already know about the value of cucumbers for this problem, but do you know how to intensify their deflating effect?


Puffy eyes are something that a lot of us experience from time to time.  Those undesired, pancake eyes can come from allergies, an upset that had you crying, partying too hard and overindulging with too many alcoholic drinks or glasses of wine, salting your food too much to just sleeping on your stomach with how it drains lymphatic fluid into the area.  Regardless of the contributing factor, puffy eyes are an ugly thing to wake up to.  However, you won’t need to suffer much longer once you try this simple puffy eyes fix.

Perhaps, you already heard about how helpful cucumber slices are for deflating eyes due to their antioxidants and flavinoids.  Yet, what if I told you that you can intensify this puffy eyes fix for a better effect to get more powerful drainage?

The next time that you get puffy eyes, I have something else that you need to try because it works so much better.  You will need to finely grate some cucumber first and have some thin cloth like a piece of cheesecloth handy.  What you do is to take some of what you grated and deposit it in that cloth, wrapping it like a slim roll that you can close up, to wear over your eyes.

I suggest stretching out on your bed for a couple of minutes while those vitamins and pro-inflammatory enzymes, slowly seep through that gauzy cloth, go to work.You really will notice a big difference in how much sooner your eyes will return to normal using this slightly altered puffy eyes fix!


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