The Secret to Encouraging Faster Growing Hair


cutting hair
Just because that new cut looked great in a magazine doesn’t always mean hair happiness, so know what to do.


Don’t you hate when you regret trying a new hair cut that you thought would look better than it does?   If so, you are not alone because most of us have done that at one time or another. Though you can’t paste hair back on, there are ways to spur your hair’s growing cycle that can help lessen the time that you have to live with that new style.

Since hair stems from living tissue, its health depends on the nourishment that you feed it from within your diet. When trying to encourage growth as well as improve condition, your food choices can either help or hinder your progress. Make sure to stock up on foods with omega-3 fatty acids, folate, antioxidants like vitamin E, protein, biotin, silica, zinc, vitamin D, selenium, magnesium, iodine, and iron can help.  Often, it is difficult to determine how much of those specific nutrients that you’re actually getting since our bodies all break down food differently.  Therefore, you might think of taking a supplement to insure that you’re getting enough.

Another suggestion to encourage faster growing hair  is treating your hair more delicately than what you may have been doing.  Avoid brushing too vigorously.  What this does could backfire your efforts to stimulate circulation instead of helping it. Doing this pulls and stretches hair to the damaging point and causes split ends.  Though split ends won’t delay the hair from growing, they do give the impression of shorter length over straighter, undamaged strands.

The better way to get the blood moving of hair nutrients for delivering them where they need to go is by gently massaging your scalp with your fingers.  You don’t need to do this all that long, but just a few minutes is enough to do the trick.

Also, think of washing your hair less for encouraging growing hair faster.  Changing daily shampooing can help limit rubbing and lathering that might cause you to shed more hairs, slowing down your progress.

Air drying your hair is also a good idea over using your hair dryer.  Harsh heat can weaken vulnerable hair and cause it to break, disrupting its growing cycle for less than healthy hair.

The same principle holds true regarding your hot styling tools for optimum hair health.  However, if your style depends on that flat iron, hot rollers, or curling iron, then use a heat protecting serum to play it safe.

Finally, skip gathering your hair into a tight ponytail or forcing your hair into a style that has a lot of pinning and pulling to get it so, is a bad idea.  Of course, it may be cooler in the summer or be a better style for what your hair is suffering, but it can also cause breakage. This could delay growing hair faster when you’re hoping to achieve a healthier growth.

I hope you check two of my earlier posts on hair growth nutrition in detail and another on additional hair growing tips because both can help you with this problem!


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