Thicken Sparse Lashes With This Simple Makeup Trick

Thicken Sparse Lashes Woman applying mascara to Thicken Sparse Lashes
You’ll be amazed at the extra lash thickness that you’ll gain if you take my advice.


Not all of us are born with a heavy fringe of natural lashes.  Therefore, if you feel somewhat cheated and would love to bulk up your lashes, here is an easy way to thicken sparse lashes and plump them up using what you probably already have in your beauty bag.

First in this task, you want to curl them to thicken sparse lashes.  You’ll clamp the roots for a few seconds to prepare those lashes before releasing your hold.  Now change position and move your eyelash curler to the middle of the lashes and do the same thing before you’ll let go.  Finally, use the curler to give the lash tips several gentle squeezes will help lift them even more.

For the ultimate lift, you might want to read my earlier tip about heating the inside rubber strip of your eyelash curler first.  This technique really helps curl stubborn, puny lashes sensationally to shape them up.

Before you apply your mascara, you will need to reach for your loose translucent powder, a few clean cotton swabs, and a clean, retired mascara wand.  Do save your favorites because they make handy tools when working on your eyes to thicken sparse lashes.

Once you have everything lined up, then go ahead and give yourself a coat of mascara.  While it is still wet, dip one of the cotton swabs in the powder to dust them.

I don’t like to stick my mascara wand back in after it touched the powder to risk contaminating the formula more than necessary.  What I do is to take a fresh, clean mascara wand from my reserve of favorite performing ones to use to comb through, which is the most sanitary way to keep on using that mascara.

If you do it as I suggest, you can give yourself a second or third coat of mascara, repeating the dusting process without comprising the health of your product. I hope you try this little fattening the lashes makeup tip because it works beautifully to thicken sparse lashes!



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