Diabetics and Epsom Salt Soaks Don’t Mix

Diabetics and Epsom Salt Soaks Don’t Mix Diabetic Feet
Diabetics and others with circulation problems have special issues that need to be taken into consideration in order to keep feet healthy.


When my feet are killing me, I often use Epsom salt in some of my foot baths to soothe pain.  However, if you have diabetes or any circulation issues that make you prone to open sores, you should take special precautions regarding foot care.  In particular, you might want to avoid long, hot soaks, especially for diabetics with Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) to bathe your feet in to keep them at their healthiest state.

The reason diabetics and Epsom salt can pose a problem worse is because magnesium sulfate is overly drying for the already dry skin that often accompanies a diabetic condition.  Regardless of how tempting soaking your feet may appear to soothe, the hot water will only make your feet suffer when submerged for too long for how thoroughly it dries skin to risk possible cracks.

Instead, you are safer to just wash your feet for diabetic foot care with unscented soap and lukewarm water before drying and following up with a unscented moisturizing lotion all over the feet with the exception of lubricating between the toes.  If not, you just may invite a fungal infection. Also, make it a point to inspect your feet daily for any signs of cuts, redness or sores that may be developing.

Diabetics are often low on magnesium, which could help with sugar and cholesterol levels.  Nonetheless, before you start self-treating with a magnesium supplement or mixing with your medications for diabetic foot care, please seek the advice of your physician.

A professional pedicure can brighten up a woman’s mood, but they also can be questionable for diabetic foot care. Before you allow yourself one, do yourself a favor and inspect the health of that salon establishment for sanitization practices.


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