A Quick Way to Adjust Liquid Foundation Coverage

woman adjusting liquid foundation coverage when applying cosmetics
This beauty is surprised at how well this makeup trick works to customize a foundation.


Most of us have a few different foundation formulas in our makeup stash from heavier to light coverage to meet whatever is going on with our complexions. However, you can just as easily adapt the amount of coverage from any liquid foundation if you want to save yourself some money with this simple makeup tip that I’m about to show you.

All you need to do is add a little of your moisturizing lotion to any liquid foundation to thin a heavier formula to adjust liquid foundation coverage. Rather than adding the moisturizer directly to the bottle of foundation, I find pouring a small amount in the palm of my hand with some foundation gives me more control over the amount of coverage that I need.  Mix with a cotton swab and test until you’re satisfied with your new custom blend.

Start with a smaller amount of a moisturizer (dime size) to a slightly larger portion of foundation (quarter size) can turn a heavier formula for one that provides medium coverage.  On the same note, pour a bit more of the moisturizer into that same amount of foundation and get light coverage.  For the sheerest amount of coverage, use equal amounts of both the moisturizer and foundation.

This little makeup trick to adjust liquid foundation coverage does work.  It also will help you cut down on the clutter as well as expense of the need to buy so many foundations in the future!



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