How to Find the Right Concealer for Specific Issues

How to Find the Right Concealer for Specific Issues  excited girl
This beauty is thrilled now that she better understands concealers.


We all have beauty problems from under eye darkness, blemishes to uneven pigmentation that we would rather keep to ourselves.  Depending on what you need to hide, you probably will want several different concealer varieties with different textures, if you intend to keep those flaws out of sight. Therefore, here is how to find the right concealer that can best handle specific beauty issues instead of wasting your time with less effective choices.

For instance, creamy liquid concealers are lighter formulas.  These are best for when your dark circles are not that noticeable.   Just remember, the thicker, drier concealer, whether in a stick or a small pot, is one that provides more opaque coverage for heavier duty concealing such as handling serious under eye darkness, blemishes or to hide acne scarring, dark spots or any discoloration to correct your skin tone.

Besides texture, color is just as important in getting this problem right.  However, shopping for the perfect shade can be challenging considering store lighting or buying an unseen cosmetic online.  Yet, what I find that does help is to buy two shades of concealer that I can later customize to match the color I need. Usually, I notice that ones that have some peach tones are the best to offset under eye darkness.

Using a small concealer brush is something I found as the most artful way to cover dark circles or paint over a blemish or scar.  You can reach eye areas more precisely by brush than you ever could with your fingers to lay down the product.

Another thing that I learned and, perhaps, one of the most value tips when it comes to concealing is layering the product until getting the coverage that works.  Building up additional layers of concealer can change everything for you.

If you’re still experiencing concealer disappointment, I hope that you read my other helpful post on the subject for additional tips and reasons why this could be happening.


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