Are You Safe Using Preparation H As an Eye Cream?

Are You Safe Using Preparation H As an Eye Cream?
Do you use Preparation H for eyes?


You probably have heard about the beauty trick of using Preparation H to reduce swelling of puffy eyes and help with wrinkles and beautifying a complexion. Top makeup artists, celebrities, models, and beauty contestants swore by its wonders for those purposes.  However, those results were based on the original formula that had a live yeast cell derivative (LCD), which is also referred to as Bio-Dyne.

Unfortunately, the formula underwent a change in 2007 where that ingredient was replaced with phenylephrine HCL.  Being a vasoconstrictor, this ingredient is a topical steroid that works to constrict blood vessels just like the phenylephrine in sudafed.  Temporarily, you might see swollen eyes deflate since the blood and fluids have a limited flow.  You may think this is a good thing and even be tempted to use it, but you are making a mistake considering using Preparation H for eyes.

Like I mentioned, phenylephrine HCL is still a steroid.  The current Preparation H formula has one-percent concentration of it that over time can have adverse effects just as any steroid when used too long.  It can also interact with your current medications is also important to keep in mind.

Just remember the skin in the eye area is extremely thin so this ingredient is able to penetrate more deeply. What can happen is scary from thinning that skin even more in how this ingredient can stretch it.  Besides irritate or develop an allergic reaction to it, this steroid could lighten or crinkle the skin in time.

My advice is use Preparation H only as it is intended for:  the relief of hemorrhoids if you value your beauty. After all, there are plenty of excellent eye and face creams, gels, serums for that specific purpose.  You can also check my DIY puffy eyes fix or find other natural remedies for this problem as well as more helpful advice on the subject here.



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