How to Determine the Best Quality Makeup Brushes


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Price alone does not determine quality of your makeup brushes.  You need to know what to look for before buying.


The right makeup brushes can do more for your face than you might give them credit for.  They can boost the beauty of eyes, enhance bone structure, hide imperfections to finishing your overall look in a way that turns into sheer makeup artistry.  Before you buy, let me share some helpful tips on how to tell a quality makeup brush whether natural hair or synthetic.

The first thing you want to do is examine how the brush feels against your skin.  A great  brush is one that has hairs that almost seem to caress your complexion as they touch your face.  On the same note, you want to avoid any that may feel a bit coarse.  This is a warning sign of an inferior brush.

Next, try doing the finger test.  Slightly move your fingers back and forth through the brush hairs. One or two hairs may have fallen out.  However, more hairs lost could be a sign that this brush will shed too much.

The metal ferrule can also clue you into the quality of the makeup brush that you’re considering.  A ferrule without a seam is always better over a seamed one that could split or crack in time.  Also, examine how soft the metal of that ferrule feels.  One that feels like the metal could dent under the pressure of your fingertips is a bad brush.  After all, you want a strong ferrule that will protect the hairs instead of changing shape of the brush head.

The brush handle also plays into this.  Give the brush a few brisk shakes back and forth.  Now check the head of the brush.  A low-quality brush head will feel loose when you examine it.

Hopefully with what I shared will save you the trouble and extra expense of needing to replace your makeup brushes so often.

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