How to Boost Liquid Foundation Radiance

How to Boost Liquid Foundation Radiance Radiant Woman
This beauty’s smile shows her excitement on keeping that gorgeous summer glow.


You may have acquired a healthy boost of color from the summer sun.  However, the more days that pass, the more we lose that much sought after warm glow.  Of course, you can replace fading color with a bronzer, but I have a great makeup trick to boost liquid foundation radiance to help you better transition that summer complexion and keep that natural-looking glow going as long as possible.

In order to boost liquid foundation radiance of any formula, here is an easy DIY trick that never fails.  To do this, you need your liquid foundation or whatever tinted moisturizer that you use along with a bottle of your favorite liquid bronzer.  What you do is pour a small amount of the size that you regularly use to do your makeup in the palm of your hand then add a few drops (one or two) of the liquid bronzer before mixing together.  If the mix is too light to match your skin tone, you can remedy that with more bronzer as needed.

As the tan continues to fade, you can lighten up your foundation/tinted moisturizer and bronzer custom blend since you’ll mix up a fresh application daily.  This method to boost liquid foundation radiance seems to help the complexion maintain a more natural boost of sun all year round or whatever dullness sets in.


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