How to Simplify Your Morning Makeup Routine

woman with subtle eye makeup and red lips
This beauty knows how to simplify her makeup routine.


If you’re running short of time or simply want to shorten how long it takes to do your makeup, you can still look polished.  All that is called for are a few small changes to your normal routine that will simplify your morning makeup routine.

Playing up your best feature such as your eyes or lips can help simplify your morning makeup routine since you will then need to understate the rest of your look.  For example, exaggerated bold eyes with emphasis on thick black or glitter liner that will be trending this Fall/Winter 2017 need the blush and lips toned down.  Failure to do so will create an unbalanced look that you want to avoid.

Then again, if your lips always are the feature that brings in the compliments, focus on them instead. Dark berries too gothic like blacks as well as deep reds that also will be popular this upcoming season need soft, paler eyes such as those stylish peach lids for pulling it off.

You might have lots of cosmetics like I do.  Instead of rooting through everything hunting for those products that you’ll need to do a particular look, I suggest separating them the night before first. What I like to do is put those cosmetics that I plan to use into another makeup bag or just line them up on my vanity cuts minutes off my routine.  Planning ahead can also simplify your morning makeup.

Another thing that I noticed is certain forms of cosmetics are easier to apply when you are in a rush. Creamy pencils, eye and chubby lip crayons, stick forms of foundation or powder foundations and blush glide or sweep over the skin in a snap.

Furthermore, crayons and creamy pencils are often wonderful for multitasking like using a chubby lip crayon also on cheeks will help get you out of the door sooner.  Light to medium brown eye crayons can double as a contouring product just as a shimmering pale bisque, bone or champagne one can also be used for highlighting.

These few tips to simplify your morning makeup can speed your application so give it a try!


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