Pur Minerals Universal Marble Multidimensional Pink Powder Review + Swatches!

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Pur Minerals Universal Marble Pink Powder.jpeg
This powder has a flattering combination of pink and rose colors.

For me, a blush is essential to pull a face together with how it can perk up the color of your skin, shape and define cheekbones and give it an instant glow.  What’s even better is when you find one like what Pur Minerals has to offer that is formulated with ingredients to not only color, but improve the skin with vitamins, minerals, shea butter without the oil, talc, fragrance, alcohol, fillers, chemical dyes or BPA in its packaging while also being made here in the United States.  Though their Universal Marble Multidimensional Powder has been out for a while, I had never tried it for some reason until PR sent the Pink one along. Now that I have sampled it, I can’t understand why it took me so long!

swatch of Pur Minerals Marble Pink Powder.jpeg
To get a true sense of the shade, I swatched a cotton ball for you.

What appeals to me is how this subtle, warm pink, fine-textured blush livens up the complexion with just enough healthy radiance to look authentic.  The glow is sheer and as real as it can get like my complexion is catching light without appearing powdery as it might from a cosmetic from how it brightens the surface. No one will suspect that you’re wearing a blush with how genuine this multidimensional blush looks. 

My cheeks kept that rosy loveliness without fading away until hours later when I removed all my makeup.  

If you want a beautiful way to blush, you got to try Pur Minerals Universal Marble Pink Powder ($23.50) and see for yourself how real a healthy glow that you get!


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