Fall 2016 Red Lips and Nails From Rimmel and Sally Hansen That You Don’t Want to Miss!


Fall 2016  Red Rimmel lips  and Sally Hansen nail products
Reinvent your beauty this Fall 2016 with some notice-me lip and nail shades from Rimmel and Sally Hansen.


Now that Fall 2016 is here, reds are having a glorious moment with fresh hues of cherry, tomato reds, orange-reds to smoldering variations of blackened reds to ones infused with brown and mauve.  PR sent along some striking red color possibilities of what Rimmel and Sally Hansen has in store to style up your lips and nails this season.

If you like red, you won’t be disappointed with the two Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick shades with #51 Muse Red (cherry-red) and #52 Idol Red (orange-red). The Muse Red is best for cool skin tones being a blue-red, especially if you’re complexion is fair. On the other hand, the Idol Red leans more toward warm skin tones. These are highly pigmented matte lipsticks with a creamy texture.

Another prospect to create some high-impact lips is with their Only 1 Lipstick in #510 Best of the Best (candy-apple red).  This formula feels quite moisturizing, but lightweight on the lips.

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Then again, you might prefer a shinier finish.  Rimmel solves that with their Oh My Gloss! #520 Rebel Red. This will give your lips a non-sticky, shimmering wash of red with hints of mauve and brown that condition lips with sensational comfort from vitamin E and argan oil in the formula.

As for nails, Sally Hansen has you covered with some dramatic red polish.  Salon Manicure #470 Red My Lips is a deep, plum-red and #460 All Fired Up is tomato-red. This polish has the ideal brush to paint the nails to make it easier in case you find it hard to stick within the lines.

Sally Hansen also has some sensational reds in the long-wearing Miracle Gel line.  Some wonderful options are #444 Off With Her Red!, (red with pink) #419 Redgy (red with coral) and #680 Rhapsody Red (candy apple red). Once you remember to follow with Step 2 #101 Top Coat, this polish does last for at least 10 to 12 days!

Whether you want brighter to bolder reds, Rimmel and Sally Hansen has some inexpensive lip products and nail polishes that may be just what you’re looking for this season.  Check them out!



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