Six Ways to Perk Up a Tired Looking Face

Six Ways to Perk Up a Tired Face Tired Woman
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Sometimes, sleep can be a luxury.  For those times when you don’t get your entire eight hours of beauty rest and would like to keep that exhaustion from showing on your face, then there are some steps you can take to instantly look more rested.  Here are six beauty tips that can help perk up the look of a tired face.

Lack of sleep results in a duller complexion.  Therefore, your best bet is to start by working on reviving your lackluster skin.  The best way to improve circulation and get it glowing is starting off by introducing it to very cold water to perk up a tired face.  Some people head to the freezer for ice cubes to later bathe their face in a basin or sink full of ice water.  However, you run the risk of rupturing facial capillaries when such a cold extreme is used. Instead, wash your face first before splashing with very cold water will bring healthy color back.

Tired, puffy eyes also are another give away of not enough sleep.  Grating a cucumber for a compress or slices of cucumber for your eyes do work wonders.  You can do the same thing with raw potato for improving the look of your eyes. If you don’t have one on hand, try soaking two green tea bags in cool water.  Leave a wet bag on each eye for about five minutes and its caffeine and antioxidants can help that trapped lymphatic fluid drain.

If you don’t want under eye darkness to publicly announce your sleepless night, then remember to use concealer.  Be careful that you don’t go so light in color that you’ll look conspicuous, which can be just as noticeable with that white effect as the dark circles that you started with.  A shade lighter than your skin tone is as pale as you should go when you intend to perk up a tired face.

Warming your complexion up with some bronzer is another help.  The extra dose of sunny radiance can do the trick to keep the face from looking drained of life.

To draw attention away from your sleepy eyes, I suggest focusing on your mouth with a beautiful lip color. By doing so, you will steer eyes downward to concentrate on your lips instead of where your fatigue is showing.

Hopefully, you’ll be rested with no need to perk up a tired face.  Nonetheless, in case the unexpected does happen, it is always good to be prepared so you can look your best at all times.


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