Skin Care Help for Easily Irritated Complexions!

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This beauty has a big smile now that she knows how to keep her complexion from over reacting to products.

With the constant improvements in skin care technology, we are using more advanced products than ever as we cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, and renew our complexions to delay the aging process, minimize lines, and perfect texture.  Though as wonderful as that may be, it also has become more common to find your complexion reacting with all the overlapping or overdoing of products, hoping to speed up complexion results.  However, here are some basic things that can help you avoid upsetting your skin.

Avoid using various active, acid-based products together from different lines at the same time.  You’ll have a better chance of preventing a flare-up of your complexion when sticking to one line over several.

In our rush for more beautiful skin, you may be tempted to give yourself more treatments or leave on acid-based products like chemical or enzyme peels on longer than the directions advise.  The same rule holds true for using sloughing bead exfoliating scrubs too frequently.  Instead, what you can be doing is possibly damaging your complexion with excessive redness and ending up with a scar.  Following the directions are the best way to keep that skin calm.

You also might want to read my earlier post with additional help for sensitive skin.

The important thing to remember is being patient when using those products. If you are, then beautiful changes will happen!


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