Soothing Touch Organic Body Care Products Review


Soothing Touch Organic Body Care Products
Organic skin care is a great way to keep skin healthy.


Certified organic skin care is tops in my book as a secret of great skin.  The reason is because of purer ingredients to let skin breathe instead of suffocating with unhealthier chemicals or toxins that can possibly jeopardize health once absorbed through the bloodstream. Zeroing in on a good certified organic skin care brand can take some effort.  However, I recently discovered Soothing Touch, a wonderful and affordable option for keeping skin smooth, radiant and healthy through certified, organic bath and body products like several the company sent along.

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The Organic Peppermint Salt Scrub ($5.99) is enriched with peppermint and rosemary essential oils in a blend of six oils and salts for mood enhancing aromatherapy and help with tired muscles. The formula has a soupier consistency with an invigorating scent.  It is a gentle type of a scrub compared to a thicker texture sugar scrub.  The salt scrub is more moisturizing than exfoliating once applied to wet skin.  Once rinsed off, the body is smooth and silky feeling.

The Lavender Bath, Body and Massage Oil ($4.99) has a pleasant, calming scent.  The oil has argan, sea buckthorn, St. John’s Wort, minerals, fatty acids among the ingredients, which my dry skin loved for keeping it supple.  You can add a little directly to your tub. My preference is applying a little directly after showering or my bath while my skin was still damp for the best moisture saturation.

Soothing Touch also provided two tubes of their lip balms ($2.19) with the Vanilla Chai and Coconut Lime. Both formulas had a delicious taste and treated lips kindly by drenching them with soothing moisture.

I did like my experience with Soothing Touch certified  organic skin care products. My advice is to check them out at their website or Whole Foods.


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