Trending Fall 2016 Lip Look for Aging Lips

The Best Fall 2016 Lip Looks for Aging Lips
 If you’re aging, it’s time to think about the formulations and shades of lip products that you wear.



The lip trend this Fall 2016 features a lot of dark, smoldering takes on reds and peach-beige shades from brick tones, glamorous movie star reds to edgy, black-inspired reds to take offs of mauves with a heavy focus on matte formulations.   At the same time, lip gloss also will be coming back more this season with subtly updated gossamer pinks and peach colors.  Though it always is exciting wearing chic new lip product, if your face is aging,  then you need to be careful of the shades and formulations before purchasing. Otherwise, you could be sabotaging your beauty efforts by drawing unwanted attention to lip lines of aging lips.

aging lips with pink gloss.jpeg
Shiny, pale shades are great for aging lips.


To keep beautiful, aging lips might want to take a different direction.  Instead of a strong mouth done in flat, dark matte colors that can focus on that lined area, you’ll get the most benefit from a shinier pink, peach or coral lip gloss that can brighten the face.  The effect is more flattering with the way it can soften your look.

By all means, aging lips should steer clear of frosted, shimmering formulas of lipsticks.  They tend to be more drying, which will bring all eyes to any lip imperfections.  A hydrating formula will serve you much better or a plumping gloss to smooth and fill out the lips. This variety of lip product for aging lips can work more to your advantage.

The best way to see the difference is comparing an old, dark red matte lipstick and one of your pale pink or peach glosses.  Snap a selfie of yourself wearing both types of lip product and study how you look. Trust me, you’ll appreciate this makeup tip once you do for your aging lips!



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