The Six Most Indispensable Eye Brushes to Own

Six Most Indispensable eye brushes in opened roll of makeup brushes
The key for perfecting a look revolves around the tools you use.


In my opinion, the right eye brushes are a necessity if you want to be happy with the look of your makeup. Here are six of the most basic indispensable eye brushes I believe everyone should have for help in creating stunning eyes.

The first one that is critical of these six indispensable eye brushes  is a concealer brush.  I honestly don’t know how I ever survived before without one for the difference it makes for hard to reach eye areas. Look for a tapered, flat brush with a fine tip for the best results.  One with a larger head is harder to work with when trying to access the eyes inner corners. Make sure the brush you select is firm, but not so hard that it will irritate that fragile skin of the eye area.

The second most indispensable eye brush is a full, rounded multipurpose eye shadow brush that can do a variety of jobs from covering the entire lid, lower lid to fashioning the crease.

My third most important eye brush has a medium head with a rounded edge.  I prefer using one with natural bristles and beveled edges for layering and more precise blending of the lower lid.

The fourth indispensable eye brush I can’t live without is a flat eyeliner brush.  One like this is fantastic for using wet or dry for altering the look of the line you lay down.

The fifth is a small synthetic haired eye brush for working with cream eye shadows.

Finally, a good brow brush with angled bristles is handy for all.  This is what you can count on when you need to fill in sparse brows with how it can pick up and better insert just what you need of powder shadow.

Of course, I also depend on plenty more brushes like a smudge brush, a finer tipped eyeliner brush for doing ultra-fine lines, and an eye blender brush.  However, those are wonderful extras!


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