What to Look for to Protect Your Feet From the Possible Dangers Before Getting a Salon Pedicure!

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Before you sit in a salon chair, you’ll want to read this.

Salon pedicures are certainly relaxing more so than one that you do at home.  However, before you treat your feet to salon pampering, there are some simple precautions that you should take to best protect the health of your feet.

Look for the salon’s license along with the names of the technicians near the door area is important. An elegant interior does not guarantee the cleanliness of the operator’s workstation or how the tools used are sterilized.  If you see an unkempt station that may have tools lying about or notice too much trash piling up in the operator’s waste can, this can be a clue to how sanitary that workstation is.  

Just because you see a UV sterilizer does not mean the tools are properly sanitized for your safety.  You want to make sure a liquid disinfectant is used because it disinfects more thoroughly.  Therefore, make it a point to ask how their tools and foot baths are sanitized first before allowing that technician to work on your feet.

By the way, you still need to disinfect your pedicure tools at home with use.  To keep your feet healthy, soak all the metal tools in rubbing alcohol for at least 30 minutes before drying and storing in a resealable plastic bag is the best way to sterilize them. 

Whirlpool foot tubs are a particular concern since they can harbor bacteria and dirt in their jets.  Try to notice how those tubs are being cleaned by the operators before your actual appointment because they need plenty of suds and water followed by liquid disinfectant first after each client.  

Though not as soothing as a whirlpool foot tub, a metal basin is less complicated to keep clean and disinfect without the intricacies of the jets.  You may want to reconsider a nonwhirpool foot tub to minimize risk from fungal infections or bacteria.

Don’t let the technician talk you into the safety of razoring dead skin and calluses because you’re only asking for trouble. Insist on a fresh pumice stone and fresh files that will be used.  You don’t want contaminated tools near your feet.  In fact, it’s a good idea to avoid shaving your legs immediately afterwards to prevent the risk of mycobacterium fortuitum infection that may enter from any nicks.  This can lead to boils surrounded by ugly, lumpy skin on the toe, leg, or foot that can scar or become an open wound.

The same goes for being firm about not allowing your cuticles to be cut.  After all, the cuticles provide protection to the nail.  Instead, tell the technician to push those cuticles back.

Hopefully, the information that I shared, as frightening as it may sound, will make you more aware of keeping your feet beautiful and problem free when visiting a salon.  


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