A Nail Color Blunder to Avoid With Chapped Hands

modeling nude nail polish
When your hands aren’t in the best condition, you need to give more thought to your nail colors. 


When the weather is turning colder, our hands are prone to redness and chapping.  Therefore, we need to be careful when choosing nail colors to avoid a nail color blunder.  Otherwise, a wrong color choice can call more attention to the redness than we like.

My advice is that if you plan to play down that redness, then avoid red shades of nail polish.  You are better off counteracting that angry color with paler, skin-toned colors in non-shimmering polishes until that irritation heals.  Feel free to revisit those glamorous red nail colors once that redness subsides!

To keep your nails and cuticles healthy and adequately moisturized, you might also want to try my DIY Cuticle Fix.  This simple recipe can help your winter nails and cuticles from drying out and stunting their growth.


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