The Best Makeup Sponges for Liquid Foundations


makeup sponges
The choice of a sea sponge, non-latex round or beauty blender can make a difference in your look and wallet.


Some of you may have a preference for trusting your application of liquid foundation to makeup brushes or fingers.  Still others feel that a sponge does a better job for blending and the final appearance. To be honest, I use them all at times while getting ready because they each help me differently through the process like what I have learned when using makeup sponges.

My first experience with makeup sponges was using a small sea sponge.  These will work with liquid foundation for easy blending into your skin, but do cause you to waste more than you think.  This does not mean that I think you should stop using makeup sponges, but only suggest that you may want to switch.

A beauty blender or disposable latex makeup sponges or makeup wedges will save you money, more so if you buy the non-latex variety, which also can be more sanitary due to antimicrobial foam construction. This type of sponge is non-porous and incapable of absorbing foundation like a sea sponge so you don’t go through nearly as much foundation.

Another advantage of changing over to a beauty blender or a makeup wedge is how much more helpful they are for covering wrinkles.  After all, they have a line that comes in handy over a round sea sponge when trying to fill it in.

What I do is aim the foundation-ready wedge or blender to line up with the wrinkle, start at the bottom and gently pat in is more precise delivery for a better hidden wrinkle than overlapping with a round sponge.

Hopefully, this makeup tip on makeup sponges will prevent you from making the same mistake so you can  be happier with your makeup application and way to stretch your foundation.



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