Slimming Snack Choices That Help When Dieting

Apples are just one satisfying food to aid against snacking that you may want to stock up on when dieting.

Trying to shed weight is never an easy task.  Whether you’re cutting back on your calorie intake or changing your diet and food choices, you may find that you’re still hungry.  Instead of suffering because you’re determined to stay on track, then I some helpful dieting advice that I want to share.

What I suggest is eating foods that provide plenty of filling protein or are loaded with fiber will keep you more satisfied than what you’re eating.  For example, a lowly large egg, for one, has only 78 calories each while being a great source of B vitamins, vitamin D, and minerals such zinc, selenium, iron, and copper.  When that urge to break your diet strikes, try eating a hard-boiled egg over a former snack choice.

Oatmeal is another fabulous food choice that can work to your advantage.  Cook your own over a packet of sugar-packed instant oatmeal will give you a larger portion with a half cup serving (158 calories).  Tack on about 50 more calories for one-half cup of low-fat milk and another 16 more for a teaspoon of sugar amounts to only 224 calories.  This might not be your favorite breakfast or possible snack, but the soluble and insoluble fiber that it has is more substantial to stay with you than a slice of toast, doughnut, or the same amount of dry cereal.  Besides oatmeal is heart-healthy, sprinkling a little cinnamon over it is tasty and can benefit your blood pressure as well.

Apples and pears can be extremely helpful as well.  Studies have shown that eating one before a meal curbs hunger. In addition to valuable dietary fiber, they also have vitamins, antioxidants, flavonoids, and minerals. Therefore, when you find your willpower wavering, try reaching for an apple or pear. A medium size apple has about 80 calories, a small one about 60.  On the other hand, a medium size pear has about 102 calories, a small one approximately 81.

You can also appease your hunger more thoroughly with nuts.  They are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and fiber.  The only problem is portion control. Munching on some almonds can help.  However, 100 calories mean no more than 19 almonds.  Therefore, you may be unable to control them once you start unless you prepare a small plastic bag with your 19 almonds to allocate yourself through the day when hunger strikes.

Some of these food suggestions may seem untraditional, but they do help fill you up so that your diet doesn’t falter.  The right choices will also guard you against deceiving foods that can ruin your efforts for real progress when dieting.



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