Fuego Box October 2016 Review


Fuego Box October 2016
Hot, spicy flavors that are distinctive! 


Before I was aware of Fuego Box, I had no idea that so many different varieties of artisan hot sauce existed. Fortunately, with this hot sauce subscription, any lover of fiery flavor constantly keeps discovering new, unique brands that I dare you to find easily on your own like the trio in my Fuego Box October 2016 assortment.

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In the selection this month for Fuego Box October 2016, I savored Horsetooth Smokestack Lightning Hot Sauce.  Dark, reddish-brown, this one is enhanced with smoky flavor, chipotle peppers, cayenne and plenty of garlic that lends something special to your plate.  I consider this a moderate burn and a perfect sandwich spread to perk up any cheese or luncheon meat from the first time I tried it.  A few shakes on a slice of pizza were also yummy from my second taste test.

Red Robot Corn to be Wild has a milder fire to it from its jalapeno influence and blend of ingredients that includes corn, onion and garlic that give it an upbeat, unexpected flavor that will make your tongue dance. This is a versatile sauce that will add some zing to practically any dish, marinade, eggs, casseroles or whatever you normally use it on.

The final sauce this month in the Fuego Box October 2018 assortment was Seafire Gourmet La Diosa Verde Chile Sauce.  This spicy sauce is greenish in color with a base of serrano and poblano chiles, shallots, cilantro and lime juice that gives a new element of flavor to your food like scrambled eggs the way I had this morning to fish, pork, tacos, etc.

The cost for Fuego Box is $29.95 per quarter with free shipping.  If you prefer, you can also buy one box at a time for $12.95 with a $5.00 shipping charge.  To accompany each box, you also get a descriptive card with recommendations on what foods or dishes go best with each sauce.

Being a genuine fan of what a great, spicy burn can add to practically anything you cook or eat, I have never been disappointed once in the deliciousness that has arrived each month with Fuego Box.  If you truly love your hot sauce like I do, I recommend visiting their website and treating yourself!



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