How to Hide Wrinkles With An Illuminating Product


How to Hide Wrinkles with a lot of makeup
Do you know the most helpful products to best hide your problem of facial aging?



The simplest way to look younger is deflecting light on those problem lines and wrinkles.  Depending on your skin type, there are two different approaches that can better help you erase some years off of your face.  Here are a few useful makeup tips on how to hide wrinkles with an illuminating product.

Those with dry to a normal complexion will find a liquid illuminating primer before a quality foundation works the best for how to hide wrinkles.  What I like to do is add a little extra in my laugh lines after I apply, then buff that problem area with a fresh makeup sponge to clean up any overload. Doing so, I gently fill in the crevices, ideally smoothing them for a kinder focus when light hits the face.

Of course, not everyone has a dry complexion like mine.  Instead of using a liquid illuminating primer that may introduce more oil into your skin underneath your foundation, my advice is concentrating your efforts on top of the skin with an illuminating powder.  Brushing the lined area helps throw light where you need it, softening the effect of those lines while reducing the likelihood of more shine or possible breakouts.

Try this makeup tip for how to hide wrinkles because it will thrill you once you look at yourself in the mirror!




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