Is Your Deep Conditioner Not Doing Your Hair Justice?

smiling long-haired beauty in jacket.jpeg
This beauty knows what it takes to keep her hair in glorious condition.

If your deep conditioner doesn’t seem to be doing enough to repair the extent of hair damage as you had hoped, you might want to just try another brand or formula. Before you go shopping for a new one, you’ll be better off knowing what type of ingredients that can help your suffering hair the most.

The best deep conditioners have plenty of fatty acids.  These ingredients are emulsifiers, the oily substances needed to fortify and saturate the cuticle of damaged hair with that needed moisture to rehydrate and repair. Some common ones are stearyl acid, cetearyl acid, capric acid, linoleic acid, pantothenic acid (panthenol), and myristic acid among others to oils like coconut and jojoba.  
You also want to make sure to look for smoothing ingredients such as dimethicone and cyclopentasiloxne (silicone compounds).  These help in keeping the hair’s cuticle flat to maximize shine and manageability.

Hopefully, this hair tip will help you find more hair happiness in the future!           


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