Winter Skin Care That Can Keep Your Complexion Thriving

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Before you know it, the cold weather outside will soon force us to turn up the temperatures inside. Though this action seems innocent enough, that heat starts the cycle of the skin losing normal moisture. The fact is the older that you are, the drier your skin will experience this increased dryness due to the dermis producing less sebum for needed natural moisture that oil glands once supplied.  In order to protect your skin from suffering this winter from excessive dryness, then take these winter skin care tips to heart.

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Just like the seasons, our skin does change as well in reaction to the weather.  You may still be using a lighter moisturizer that carried you through warm, humid summer weather, but you may want to start shopping for a heavier formulation to handle the colder days ahead.  My advice is trading your water-based moisturizer for an oil-based one with plenty of non-clogging oils like avocado, borage, grape seed, jojoba, olive or almond oils to help with dry skin.  You can also try hunting for moisturizers rich in humectants like hyaluronic acid, AHAs, urea, glycerin for their abilities in pulling water from the atmosphere before binding it the skin, which may feel more lightweight, especially as a lotion.

Delicate lips need TLC more than ever since they dry and chap easily.  Organic lip balms like EOS Smooth Spheres ($2.99) are a great way to keep vulnerable lips healthy without worrying about harmful chemicals or toxins that can be accidentally digested.  These inexpensive 95% organic lip balms come in eight fruity flavors and are rich in vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil without any petrolatum to wear under lipstick or gloss or just alone for keeping lips smooth and beautiful.

Drinking water as a beverage over tastier choices of coffee, tea, juices or sodas can be hard for some, but it is important to keep skin hydrated.  Depending on the doctor that you interview, the amount varies from six glasses to eight.  Some will tell you that for every cup of a diuretic beverage like coffee, tea, or alcohol that you drink, you need to replace it with one additional glass of water.

While you’re shopping for new gloves, hand creams, foot creams, and body lotions to meet the challenges of this upcoming cold weather, you also might want to pick up a creamier, non-foaming cleanser with emollients or an oil cleanser to remove makeup.  These can be gentler and less drying to your complexion that more oil-stripping foaming varieties.

A little forethought now about winter skin care can be all it takes to keep you looking and feeling amazing through the harsh effects of winter.


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