Rouge Bunny Rouge Serene Light Skin Perfector and Skin Soul Drops (Miriam) Review + Swatches


Rouge Bunny Rouge Serene Light Skin Perfector and Skin Soul Drops (Miriam)
This small Skin Soul Drops bottle packs intense beauty power! 


When your complexion is less than fabulous, you don’t feel as pretty as you should. However, what if I told you I discovered a way to ensure just the right amount of adjustable coverage you need from heavy to light along with the help of a unique tinted primer that boosts radiance for a customized, dewy glow that will keep you staring into your mirror?  Now that I have your attention, let me introduce you to just two of the new Fall 2016 novelty products from prestigious European brand, Rouge Bunny Rouge with Serene Light Skin Perfector Skin  and their Soul Drops Foundation Essence  that I’ve been using together from among some others the company had sent along for my review.

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The Serene Light Skin Perfector ($57) is one shade of a luxurious pink-beige that has light-reflective diamond core powder and skin care advantages from antioxidants vitamin E and a tomato stem cell, Lycoskin Defense.  In keeping skin healthy, this tinted primer with its pump dispenser is free of talc, parabens and decamethylcyclopentasiloxane.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Serene Light Skin Perfector
This tinted formula is the perfect compliment to the Skin Soul Drops.


The Skin Soul Drops ($63) comes in Miriam (fair to light), Lalla (medium) and the deepest in Yeshe (tan) that is meant for all skin types with its wonderful ingredients and pigments such as jojoba oil, mimosa and sunflower waxes.  Despite just three color choices, the shade closest to your own once mixed with your primer, a moisturizer or even serum makes it self-adjust to your complexion.

Miriam that I received is a peach-beige that disappeared into my warm fair skin and matched my neck without any line of demarcation.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Serene Light Skin Perfector and Skin Soul Drops Swatches
Serene Light Skin Perfector is closest to my wrist on the right with Miriam Skin Soul Drops on the left.


Don’t let the small half ounce size of the Skin Drops bottle fool you.  This foundation is extremely concentrated.  Shake it first to thoroughly mix the beneficial oils and pigments before dropping out in the palm of hand.  This has a thicker consistency so make sure to dilute with a primer or a moisturizer before applying for easier blending.

The coverage you want really depends upon you and experimentation of finding the right balance of Soul Drops to primer or moisturizer.  The less this foundation is diluted, the more coverage that you can count on.

I had wondered if his tinted primer would alter the foundation shade.  Instead, the marriage of the Serene Light Skin Perfector and Skin Soul Drops only made to enhance the beauty of this foundation once I dabbed some on with fingers than finished my application with my makeup brush.  My complexion was brighter and almost surreal in how alive my skin looked. Yet, the feeling was light like I hardly had makeup on.

If you have been longing for more from your foundation and primer, visit Rouge Bunny Rouge and try both the Serene Light Skin Perfector and Skin Soul Drops for yourself to see what a fabulous finish that you’ll get firsthand!



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