Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant Sticks Review


Schmidt's Natural Deodorant
Stay safe without potentially risking your health to aluminum-based antiperspirants. 


I will not mince words here.  People have a tendency to stink–there, and I said it.  Despite all the care we take with our personal hygiene, we depend on our deodorants and antiperspirant to get us through our hectic, stress-filled days.  However, there is hard evidence linking use of an antiperspirant to a risk of developing breast cancer, which is difficult to ignore.  Therefore, deodorants are healthier alternatives, especially when you find one in a formula that you can trust like Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant.

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Schmidt’s Natural Deodorants ($8.99) makes a cream form in a jar as well as natural deodorant sticks. When I contacted whether I would be interested in trying some, of course, I was eager to see how this unfamiliar brand performed.  Since I don’t particularly care for sticking my fingers in a jar to rub deodorant in my armpits, I told PR to send me a few of the stick forms.

I received Ylang-Ylang + Calendula (softly floral), Fragrance-Free, and Lavender + Sage (herb-inspired freshness).  This award-winning natural formula uses arrowroot powder and baking soda to control wetness along with moisturizing agents such as coconut and jojoba oils among its ingredients to do the job.

What I can tell you are that this product spread nicely without leaving me sticky or unsure through the hours that I wore it.  The product is free of that problematic aluminum, parabens, phthalates, and gluten.  My advice is try Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant Sticks for yourself and then see if I’m not right about how effective their natural deodorants are!



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