Classic Makeup Tips to Project Wealth

Classic Makeup Tips to Project Wealth Woman
Classic beauty is refined and confident. that can give your look a sophisticated edge.


Beauty and fashion trends may come and go, but classic makeup looks and styles are timeless.  If you want to project an image of more sophistication, then you may find it helpful rethinking your makeup and hair for a softer, more subdued look.

Instead of blue hair or any bold shade, which is not found in nature, try sticking with hair colors that people are actually born with.  This is one of the most important of these classic makeup tips that can project wealth.

Extremely shiny, multidimensional strands flatter any face.  They also suggest to the world that you spend a lot of time on your appearance.

On the subject of hair, simplifying your hairstyle also speaks volumes.  A style like a great blunt cut has a lot to offer.  You can change parts, adjust its length to sweep the shoulder, add some slight face-framing layers and save time and reduced expense of salon visits since less maintenance is involved without sacrificing anything.

To look chic like you are one of the idyll rich, it’s important to make your skin glow. This is another of the classic makeup tips that projects wealth and a sense of elegance. Exfoliation on a regular basis (no more than twice a week) makes a better, luminous base for cosmetics and self-tanners.

Though you want to tone down your makeup somewhat, you want to cultivate the look of your eyes that demands attention.  Therefore, always remember several coats of a thickening formula mascara can be your best friend.

Now is the time to examine the condition of your hands and nails.  Chapped skin that is red or irritated reflects manual labor so heal and soften them.  Overly long, dragon lady nails need to be cut and rounded to a shorter, more elegant nail.  Pink pastels, nudes, taupes  or red can make a graceful statement.

Finally, you want to consider scent.  The most effective way to make a lasting impression is through a distinctive fragrance that is multilayered with rich, heady notes. You might begin with a woody floral scent that has many mysterious elements as well as feminine beauty with floral and haunting base notes.

Why smell like hoards of others wearing well-known scents?  A lesser known fragrance can often single you out.  Nonetheless, a trick that I find useful is layering several different fragrances to create a unique scent. Do try this because it is also an ideal way to see the scents that have the most appeal from the reactions of those around you.

Hopefully, the classic makeup tips that I shared to project wealth will provide you a wealth of self-confidence knowing that you look like a million yourself!



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