Handbag Organization Tips for a Growing Collection

handbag organization
Clever organization of a handbag collection can save time and limit stress when time to wear. 


Any savvy fashionista has quite a few fabulous handbags that can keep their look amazing and fresh.   However, storing a continually growing collection can take some doing if you intend to organize them.   Here’s how to keep your sanity and make those expensive bags easier to find when it comes time to wear them through handbag organization.

One of the worst mistakes when attempting handbag organization is trying to store a small bag like a clutch into a larger one.  Though you temporarily make more room in your closet, you also risk forgetting where you put that handbag. You tell yourself that you will remember, but over time it can happen like it did to me.

As to your closet, if it is spacious enough to allow you to install hooks, go for it and hang some handbags there.  Hooks really help up free up shelf space.

What I find that helps for remaining shelf space is lining up my handbags by size.  The tallest ones are in the back working up in size to the smaller ones.  Any with heavy metal embellishment that might damage another handbag are positioned on the outside of the line, where the metalwork won’t risk the leather.

My friend prefers arranging hers by colors.  This is fine because her handbags and passion for brights and pastels in a  rainbow of shades make this method the best for her.  On the other hand, my favorites are your basic colors like black, brown, taupe, white, maroon, navy, olive, etc., which doesn’t give me the same dilemma.

Since my shelves aren’t as tall as the largest bags I own like some totes and hobos, I deal with them another way.  I use another shelf to store them flat.

Buttery, fine leather bags that can scratch easily are stored in their dust bags on the same shelf.  By the way, if you don’t have a dust bag, a pillowcase works in a pinch.

In fact, fancy evening bags in a different shade pillowcase or pretty fabric-covered cardboard box make their location more known.

I’m sure there are lots more possibilities, but these are just a few handbag organization tricks that I found helpful. What’s your secret for keeping your stash of handbags orderly.


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