Two Eco-Friendly Ways to Prevent Static Cling!

Two Eco-Ways to Prevent Static Cling Sweater
You will be surprised how easy it is to prevent static cling without risky chemicals.


Dryer sheets or fabric softeners can help soften, scent and prevent static cling as we all know.  My favorite is Purex Crystals because it does all you want it to do and will not build up in the fabrics over time. Nonetheless, if you tend to be allergic to dryer sheets or fabric softeners and want a simple way to prevent static cling, I have two solutions that can save you grief from an embarrassing situation.

Though you won’t get that wonderful softness and scent of either form, what you can do is reach for some aluminum foil.  The plan is to take a sheet big enough to form a ball (about the size of a baseball) to throw in your dryer with the clothes.  Believe it or not, this little laundry solution is a green and chemical free way to prevent static electricity.

Another excellent solution to help fight static cling is something I learned years ago from a co-worker that works beautifully using hand lotion.  Unscented, eco-friendly body lotions can also do the same thing.  So check out my earlier post because this handy solution can save you potential embarrassment, too.



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