Unwash Bio-Cleansing Conditioner Review


Unwash Bio-Cleansing Conditioner
To “poo” or not “to poo,” that is the question?


The “no-poo” movement in hair care is big right now. The reason it has gained such popularity is because it is a gentler way of cleansing the hair over traditional shampooing.  With how it locks in natural oils and doesn’t strip hair color, this type of “no-poo” product  also can be quite moisturizing like the Unwash Bio-Cleansing Conditioner that I was asked if I would like to try.

This is a fairly thick creamy liquid that has a wonderful, sweet fruity fragrance.  Like other “no-poo” formulas that I tried, this product does not foam up like a regular shampoo. I also think that the first time you use a product like this that you do have a tendency to pour on more than you probably need to wash your hair to feel like there is enough to work with to feel clean.  Once you rinse it out, however, you see all the bubbles and realize it is just something that you got to get used too.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated post. Opinions are solely mine.**

I also must say that my hair tangles easily.  My usual routine always was following with a separate conditioner if I hoped to get a comb through it. But, this did not happen once I went to dry and style it.

My hair felt soft and was quite manageable when I finished. Yet, the Unwash Bio-Cleansing Conditioner also left it duller than it usually looks. Of course, every head of hair reacts to products differently.  This is just how it worked on my hair.

Unwash Bio-Cleansing Conditioner ($36) is recommended for all hair types and textures.  If you’re intrigued to go “no-poo,” visit the company’s website and see how it works for you.


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