Unwash Dry Shampoo Cleanser Review


Unwash Dry Shampoo Cleanser
A dry shampoo can be a lifesaver.


Life can be unexpected.  For those days when lack of time or sickness disrupt your normal hair care routine, a dry shampoo like Unwash Dry Cleanser can get you out of a fix.  Though you never plan for times like that, you can at least be more prepared to handle the situation without your hair suffering.

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What is unique about this Unwash dry shampoo cleanser is that this fruity smelling powder uses natural volcanic ash to gently clean the hair without stripping hair color.  The product also has vitamin E and panthenol for conditioning.

The other day I tried it for the first time.   After giving the can thorough shaking, I aimed the bottle about six or seven inches from the head, concentrating on the roots. Once I finished spraying, I left it to dry before shaking it with my fingers and then using my brush to remove the white powder residue it leaves behind.

For those times when you know that you won’t be washing your hair, it’s always better to have dry shampoo on hand.  I thought the Unwash Dry Cleanser ($28) helped hair feel cleanser so check it out.



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