Doable Dieting Advice That Can Help You Lose Weight

doable dieting advice that can help you lose weight fresh vegetables and knife
Losing weight can be a challenge, but it is easier with this doable dieting strategy that worked for me.


Dieting is tough business.  We all start out determined that this time we will succeed and stay on track.  No one expects that once your weight plateaus that you might blame the diet or just stray off the course due to food boredom.  However, I want to share some useful doable dieting advice that worked for me.

Though you have a set number of pounds to lose, jumping on the scale every morning may not be the best idea.  When that number on the scale doesn’t move as fast as you were hoping, this can leave to frustration. Therefore, weigh yourself weekly at the same time allows how your efforts are really working instead of disappointment when that number doesn’t move fast enough.

You may even have better luck by thinking of what else you would gain once those excess pounds came of. Perhaps, your type 2 diabetes or cholesterol would no longer be an issue to require medication.  If health isn’t your motivator, then set another goal such as becoming fit just so you could keep up with the kids. You’ll have more energy without carrying extra weight for chasing them and for doing other fun things together that may have been a struggle. Maybe strength will give you reason to succeed for a set project such as running in a race or tackling a decorating or remodeling project.

Another thing that you can’t go wrong with is to make one small change at a time that fits in your lifestyle. Be realistic and consider your daily habits before committing to a plan that you will have trouble following is my doable dieting advice.

For example, if you don’t have time to cook a meal from scratch every day of the week, then at least try cooking healthier meals over the weekend as a start.  The following weekend, you could try cooking larger recipes to divide up over the course of the week to add more days of healthier eating.

Remember that despite your best efforts, it is hard to resist temptation in the world we live.  Your willpower will be stronger when you reward yourself.  Once a week you can have your favorite dessert. This does not mean to gobble up an entire cake, pie or quart of ice cream, but a normal size piece or portion.

After more pounds drop off, you should promise yourself something extra for all your progress.  Splurge on some new makeup or haircut does it for me. Of course, you might want to shop for new jeans or outfits, but I always prefer to wait until I got to my goal.  Nonetheless, this is not always an option for some others.

I hope my doable dieting advice will help you with own dieting struggles.  As long as you don’t become discouraged, just remember to keep on trying.  Losing weight is hard and keeping it off is even harder, but you are not alone!



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