Skin Care Product Disappointment and Reasons for It

Smiling Woman Without Skin Care Product Disappointment
This beauty is thrilled at how to make her skin care more effective.


Have you been disappointed after using a skin care product that did wonderful things for your face and then stopped delivering the same results?  You are stumped checking the product’s expiration date because the ingredients are still active.  However, let me clue you into why this could be happening that you’re experiencing sudden skin care product disappointment.

One reason for sudden skin care product disappointment is due to changes in your body that can bring it about.  Your skin can react to those active skin care ingredients just like your body does to certain medications with regular use by building a tolerance so they’re less effective.  To remedy this, you might want to try rotating with another skin care product or change over to that new one completely.

Another explanation for your frustration with that skin care product may also be linked to changes in the weather more than the product itself. What I’m saying is the same skin care product that you used in the summer may be too lightweight of lubrication to satisfy your skin during another season, especially the harsh winter conditions that can dry and rob skin of moisture and vice versa.  You may need to switch your formula of skin care to keep up with the climate.

If you keep these points in mind, I promise that your skin will thrive again!



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